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PVC Suction (F-type)

Brand: Tecoflex
PVC Suction (F-type)

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PVC Suction Hose is made of transparent soft PVC reinforced with an integral helix of rigid PVC. The suction hose’s smooth inner and external surfaces are excellent for conveying liquid, air, powders and granular materials as it has high abrasion resistant to allow optimum material flow to be maintained.


Temperature tolerance : 0 to +65 deg Celsius


Inches (MM x Thickness x Length)
1 25mm   x   4.0mm  x  20m
1.1/4 32mm   x   4.5mm  x  20m
1.1/2 38mm   x   5.0mm  x  20m
2 50mm   x   3.5mm  x  20m
2 50mm   x   5.0mm  x  20m
 2.1/2 65mm   x   5.0mm  x  20m
3 76mm   x   4.5mm  x  20m
3 76mm   x   5.2mm  x  20m
4  100mm  x  7.0mm  x  20m
5 125mm  x  7.0mm  x  20m
6 152mm  x  8.0mm  x  20m