Stressed about poor quality pump and frequent machine breakdowns?

Why Choose Us?

We are dealing with food machineries, air compressor, pumps, construction equipment, agriculture equipment, aquaculture equipment, cleaning equipment, generators, power tools, air tools, spare parts etc. The provision of after sales service is our utmost priority to meet the demand of our clients .

After-Sales Service

We provide supporting works such as repairing, servicing, on-site installation, etc after any product has already been purchased from us

Safety & protection

We always concern your safety first. Therefore we add-on the electrical safety and protection system to our products and equipment. 

Customized Engineering

In order to meet different condition and different requirement specifically, we use engineering calculation and engineering works to customize product for you.

Water Booster Pump


Grundfos SCALA2 Water Booster Pump

With the new GRUNDFOS SCALA2 water booster pump, perfect water pressure is finally available in an all-in-one unit. Now you can enjoy the luxury of a perfectly comfortable shower any time of day – even when your family is using the many other taps in your home, for instance in the bathroom, the kitchen and the garden. And the SCALA2 is so compact and quiet, you won’t even know it’s there.
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Low noise

Sound level of only 47 dB(A) in typical use, which is as quiet as a modern dishwasher.

Stressed about poor quality pump and frequent machine breakdowns?