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Power Jet H2300 High Pressure Cleaner

Standard accessories:
1 length 8 meter high pressure hose
1 pc Trigger gun
1 pc Jet lance
1 pc Turbo Lance (Extra Cleaning Performance)
1 pc High Pressure Hose * 10 meter
1 set built-in water filter




– Very powerful high pressure cleaner by using fully copper induction motor, it is easily to clean up any kind of duct as it can hit very high pressure (130bar). Implementation of forged brass axial pump ensure this unit can be operated in minimum 2 hours.
– H2300 is a line of professional cold water cleaners combining power and toughness with safety and easy to use.



– 5 meter AC cable.
– Induction motor system
– Axial Pump
– Auto stop system


– Rated Voltage           : AC220-240V, 50Hz
– Motor Power              : 1600W
– Rated Pressure         : 110 bar
– Max. Pressure           : 130 bar
– Max. Flow                  : 6 l/min