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Wuli WH-2915F High Pressure Pump

Standard Accessories:
1. Pressure Gauge
2. Unloading Valve Assy.
3. Pump Pulley 4A2*24*8mm
4. Suction Hose Assy. 3/4″*10FT
5. Suction Filter & Filter Socket
6. Overflow Hose Assy. 1/2″*9FT



  • Cleaning: Ideal for use with cars, buses, trains, aircraft, ships, buildings and construction sites.
  • Pressure Testing: Testing couplings, hardware, hoses or pipes.
  • Carwash System: High-volume pumps are suitable for a wide range of carwash tunnels and multi-bay establishments.
  • Misting System: Flash evaporation mist cooling for applications of all sizes.
  • Add Humidity: Fine droplet misting for mushroom farms, textile mills and other factories.
  • Neutralize Odor: Spray disinfectant or fragrances to improve air quality.
  • Triplex ceramic plunger
  • Die cast aluminum-zinc alloy crankcase
  • Brass manifold
  • Durable seal design
  • Pumps can be provided alone for use in high-pressure cleaners or car wash facilities.  Complete high pressure washer units are also available for professional use, ideal for cleaning machines, vehicles, and buildings.
Model Suction Volume Working Pressure Required Power Revolution
L/Min. gpm kgf/cm2 psi HP KW rpm
WH-2915F 15.5 4 200 2900 7.8 5.9 1750
Dimensions: 28x25x30.5 cm Weight: 10.6 kg (Pump weight only)